• dr ARTUR Rycak

    ponad 20 lat praktyki sądowej
    w prawie pracy, w tym 13 lat
    orzekania na stanowisku sędziego

  • dr Magdalena Rycak

    blisko 20 lat doświadczenia
    w prawie pracy

Michał Szypniewski



Junior Researcher at the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Gdańsk since 2014. In his research he focuses on the phenomenon of transnational provision of services, employing the foreigners and posting of workers. He is currently working on his doctoral thesis under the supervision of prof. dr. Monika Tomaszewska pertaining to posting of workers. He also serves as a teaching assistant for a class on Labour Law and European Labour Law and is involved in EC project "SENSE in transnational transport in the EU".

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