Magdalena Rycak, PhD

managing partner   |   legal counsel   |   +48 502-536-076

She received her Ph.D. in Law at the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw. She is also a graduate of the Faculty of Journalism and Political Science at the University of Warsaw. An acclaimed expert in working time, Ms Rycak's principal areas of research and teaching include the working time of employees in the road transport sector, employment of temporary workers, protection of personal data, and collective redundancies. Prior to the position of Adjunct Professor at the Polish Academy of Science in the years 2008-2013, she worked as a lecturer at the National School of Judiciary and Public Prosecution.

She has conducted over a hundred seminars on labour law for corporate clients from various sectors. Ms Rycak is Adjunct Professor and a director of postgraduate studies in Labour Law and Social Security at the Faculty of Law and Administration at Lazarski University in Warsaw since 2009; a Vice Dean of the Faculty of Law in the years 2010-2015, and a director of the Postgraduate Program in Labour Law and Social Security at Lazarski University since 2009. Since October 2015 she has worked as an expert lawyer in the Labour Law Board of NSZZ “Solidarność,” the largest Polish trade union. Ms Rycak has worked with the Service of Labour Law and Social Security WOLTERS KLUWER (Serwis Prawa Pracy i Ubezpieczeń Społecznych WOLTERS KLUWER) for several years, where she has responded to over two thousand questions regarding labour law. An author of several articles and numerous papers and books on labour law and protection of personal data.


Artur Rycak   |   +48 601-071-221



Ewa Podgórska-Rakiel, PhD

senior counsel   |   +48 500-039-840

She received her Ph.D. in Law at the University of Gdańsk. She is a graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration, as well as of English at the Institute of English and American Studies, University of Gdańsk. She is responsible for issues concerning the legality of employment of posted workers in the Labour Law Office of M. Rycak. Podgórska-Rakiel is a lecturer at the postgraduate Program in Labour Law and Social Security at Lazarski University in Warsaw. She is also a member of the National Commission of the NSZZ "Solidarność" Trade Union, and a permanent member of the ETUC Task Force on Posting in Brussels, where she has worked on the amendment of Directive 96/71/EC as a substitute member in the ETUC Fundamental Rights and Litigation Advisory Group.

Podgórska-Rakiel is a member of the Problem Solving Team of the International Issue Social Dialogue Council and a technical advisor of the national delegation to the International Labour Organisation (ILO) Geneva session. She is the author of the NSZZ “Solidarność” Trade Union complaints to international institutions, such as the complaint to the ILO Freedom of Association Committee on limitations of the freedom of association of Polish workers under civil law contracts (Case No. 2888); complaint to the ILO (Case No. 3111) on the narrow definition of parties to a collective dispute, in particular the right to strike and excessive exclusion from this right of some civil service employees; complaint to the European Commission on the issues of fixed-term contracts (Case No. CHAP(2012)02800). All of those complaints were accepted as valid, recommendations were issued and relevant legal amendments are pending.

She has worked with the Monitor of Labour Law and Social Security INFOR (Monitor Prawa Pracy i Ubezpieczeń INFOR) where she has responded to questions regarding labour law. Furthermore, she is the author of numerous papers on labour law, with special focus on freedom of association, the right to strike, a social dialogue, protection of personal data in labour law, posted workers in general and in the context of international transport.


Michał Szypniewski

Junior Researcher at the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Gdańsk since 2014. In his research he focuses on the phenomenon of transnational provision of services, employing the foreigners and posting of workers. He is currently working on his doctoral thesis under the supervision of prof. dr. Monika Tomaszewska pertaining to posting of workers. He also serves as a teaching assistant for a class on Labour Law and European Labour Law and is involved in EC project "SENSE in transnational transport in the EU".



Witold Moszyński, MBA HR  |   +48 604 153 486

Passionate about HR and IT Innovation. CEO & Owner HCCG – Human Capital Consulting Group Witold Moszyński & Partners.

For over 13 years has advised boards of directors and firms of various branches in the scope of Human Capital Management as well the implementation of information systems of personnel management including remote-controlling solutions based on the computing cloud. Business consultant, specializing among others, in setting up effective organizations, teams and individual employees as well as effective business processes.

Responsible, as long-standing personnel director for the strategic management of human capital, for complex enterprises’ processes such as restructuring and transformation / among others PKP (The Polish Railways) group/ and for dynamic development of enterprises and capital groups in the financial sector. Serving in the function of the Country Manager and Proxy of the Polish branch of D+S Europe AG, he was responsible for the management of relationships with clients, based on the model of outsourcing services as well as on creative web and telemarketing solutions. Lecturer and co-author of such university faculties as Executive MBA for Human Resources Professionals and the Practice of Human Management in Enterprise. Member of the Programme Council of Lazarski University and The Council of Business of the “Vistula” Academy of Finance and Business. Winner of the Award of “Manager of Success” granted by Foundation for Development of Education and Higher Studies. Granted the title of the Ambassador of the Ignacy Jan Paderewski Pomeranian Philharmonic in Bydgoszcz. Co-founder of the think-tank called Human, the group of non-competitive firms of well recognised brands acting together. Also had the honour to serve in the function of juryman of following competitions: Trustworthy Employer, TOP Staff’s Manager and TOP Manager HR.




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