• dr ARTUR Rycak

    over 25 years of judicial practice
    in labour law, including 13 years
    of adjudication as a judge

  • dr Magdalena Rycak

    over 20 years of experience
    in labour law


Scope of services

  • Ligitation
  • Comprehensive HR service
  • Ongoing service of business entities 
  • Legal advice
  • Training and workshops
  • Collective labor agreements, collective agreements and regulations
  • Audits
  • Negotiation and mediation
  • Collective redundancies, voluntary redundancy programmes
  • Trade unions, collective disputes
  • Secondment of workers
  • Employment of foreigners
  • Transfer of the workplace to another employer, outsourcing of employees
  • Personal data protection
  • Image protection
  • Training conducted by psychologists (including mobbing, professional burnout)
  • Anti-discrimination policy
  • Anti-mobbing policy

We represent our clients in disputes before labor and social security courts.


Ongoing service of business entities

We provide day-to-day services to business activities in the field of labor law and social security. We support Personnel and HR departments in their current work. We provide legal assistance aimed at minimizing the risk of economic decisions.


Comprehensive HR service

Running a business with a large number of people requires the support of HR processes. Based on the experience of one of our associates, the law firm provides services in all HR processes available on the market.


Legal advice

We prepare legal advice in the field of labor law and social security.
Our strengths include:

  • Many years of scientific experience of our lawyers.
  • The reputation and authority of our lawyers in the field of labor law.
  • Our lawyers are the authors of many opinion-forming publications published by the largest legal publishing houses.


Labor law and HR trainings



Collective labor agreements, collective agreements and regulations

We prepare drafts of all company and multi-company labor law sources that are present in legal transactions, including:

  • Collective labor agreements,
  • Collective agreements,
  • Remuneration regulations,
  • Work regulations,
  • Regulations of bonuses and awards,
  • Regulations of the company social benefit fund,
  • Rules of collective redundancies.



At the request of our clients, we conduct audits of the current legal situation in the field of labor law at employers, in particular regarding the issues of working time, remuneration, regulations, etc. We help to change those areas of labor law practice that require adaptation to the best labor law standards.


Negotiations and mediation

We negotiate and mediate in all activities of collective and individual labor law, inter alia in the field of negotiating company sources of labor law or individual disputes.We cooperate with court mediators and professional mediator organizations.


Collective redundancies, voluntary redundancy programmes

We provide legal assistance, with the support of the HR department, in the field of preparation and implementation of collective redundancies, individual redundancies, changes in working and pay conditions, and voluntary redundancy programs.

An employer's mistake without professional legal assistance in collective dismissals can result in serious financial consequences. Therefore, we recommend that you use the advice of lawyers in the process of collective and individual redundancies.


Trade unions, collective disputes

Good relations with trade unions based on mutual respect and trust are the basis of a modern organization.

We provide legal assistance in the field of collective labor law, including all issues related to trade unions, employers' organizations and collective disputes.


Secondment of employees

Secondment of employees to work in another country of the European Union is a task that is currently one of the most up-to-date issues and constitutes a challenge for entrepreneurs. The provisions on posting based on Directive 96/71 / EC of 16 December 1996 on the posting of workers in the framework of the provision of services are just the tip of the legal complexity of this subject. Yet, the practice can be made familiar with the experts of our law firm. 


Employment of foreigners

Legally entrusting work to a foreigner requires the fulfillment of a number of conditions, permits, valid visas, keeping employee files with a special care due to the controls of the National Labor Inspectorate. We will take care of the legality of employment of your employees.


Transfer of the workplace to another employer, outsourcing pracowników

In the era of the market economy, everyday economic processes lead to many transfers of capital, which lead to the transition of employees to new employers. We support these difficult processes in order to minimize the risk of wrong business decisions and avoid litigation.

Employee outsourcing has become part of the job market landscape. We advise on how to act in compliance with the provisions of the labor law while employing temporary workers.


Employee Councils and Employee Representatives

Many employers are required to conduct the election of employee councils and consult and provide them with a wide variety of information in accordance with the Act of April 7, 2006 on informing and consulting employees.

The law firm supports these processes by providing legal assistance in accordance with the requirements of the above-mentioned the law.


Personal data protection

Each employer is obliged to comply with the provisions of the Act of August 29, 1997 on the protection of personal data. Our lawyers provide legal advice on the principles of personal data processing, as well as conduct training in this field.

Image protection

According to the judgment of the Court of Appeal in Warsaw of February 12, 1998, I ACa 1044/97, "Consent to disseminate the image must be unquestionable, therefore the person granting it must be fully aware not only of the form of presenting his image, but also the place and time of publication, juxtaposition with other images and accompanying commentary ". If someone distributes our photo without permission and we want to oppose it, our lawyers know how to use the protection provided for in copyright and related rights.


Training conducted by psychologists (including mobbing, professional burnout)

Experienced psychologists who cooperate with our law firm can provide professional support to a given organization, be it employees in those areas that require psychological support. In particular, this applies to mobbing, harassment, infringement of personal rights, professional burnout, etc.


Anti-discrimination policy

Since Poland's accession to the European Union, the provisions of the labor law have regulated in detail the principles of equal treatment in employment. Failure to comply with them or their incorrect application can lead to many conflicts in the workplace and litigation.

A modern organization introduces and ensures compliance with an effective anti-discrimination policy.


Anti-mobbing policy

Compliance with the prohibition of mobbing practices in labor law is the foundation for running a socially responsible business.

With the support of our psychologists, we help to recognize mobbing practices.

We provide assistance in creating an anti-mobbing policy.

We conduct court disputes related to mobbing.

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