• dr ARTUR Rycak

    over 25 years of judicial practice
    in labour law, including 13 years
    of adjudication as a judge

  • dr Magdalena Rycak

    over 20 years of experience
    in labour law

About us

Rycak Labour Law and HR Firm provides legal service for international corporations, polish business and public employers.

The Firm has expertise in a range of issues concerning labour law and HR, including the individual and collective disputes, litigation, global mobility, and cross-border mediation in the labour law.

Our team has experience in assisting employers, which allows us to provide our clients with individually tailored advice.

We offer customised seminars and training, focusing on labour law issues depending on the needs of the employer.

Magdalena Rycak, PhD

partner   |   legal counsel

magdalena.rycak@rycak.pl   |   +48 502-536-076

She received her Ph.D. in Law at the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw. She is also a graduate of the Faculty of Journalism and Political Science at the University of Warsaw. An acclaimed expert in working time, Ms Rycak's principal areas of research and teaching include the working time of employees in the road transport sector, employment of temporary workers, protection of personal data, and collective redundancies. Prior to the position of Adjunct Professor at the Polish Academy of Science in the years 2008-2013, she worked as a lecturer at the National School of Judiciary and Public Prosecution.

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Artur Rycak, advocate, former judge

managing partner

artur   |   +48 601 071 221

An advocate, a doctor in labour law, a judge in labour law and other courts (2000-2016), a lecturer at Lazarski University (2009-2018), assistant in the Chair of Labour Law and Social Insurance at Catholic University in Lublin (1997-2006), a chief specialist in Department of Common Courts at Ministry of Justice (2006-2013), an author of many scientific papers and books in labour law and civil litigation, a speaker at many international and national conferences, the president of International Association for Labour Law and Social Insurance Courts with its seat in Warsaw, conducting lots of trainings in labour law and court disputes for judges, solicitors, heads of HR Departments in polish and international business companies.

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Michał Skąpski

Michał Skąpski, habilitated doctor, associate professor at the Department of Labor and Social Law of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań.

In 2010-2017, head of the department of Labor Law and Social Law at the University of Szczecin.

Author of several dozen scientific publications, including monographs, studies, articles, comments and a voice on theoretical issues of labor law as well as individual and collective labor relations

In 2016-2018, a member of the governmental Labor Law Codification Committee. Participant of individual and collective negotiations on forming labor relations, work environment and the content of autonomous sources of labor law.

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